Atlanta’s New Realm Brewing Buys Equipment from Green Flash

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New Realm Brewing
New Realm Brewing opened in early 2018 along Atlanta's Eastside Beltline. (New Realm)

One of Atlanta’s newest breweries, New Realm Brewing Company in the Old Fourth Ward district, knows how to make a grandiose impression within its first few months of operation. As if the buzz about the founding team of Carey Falcone, Bob Powers and iconic brewmaster Mitch Steele (formerly of Stone Brewing) erecting the largest independent brewery opening in Georgia’s history at 40,000 square feet wasn’t enough, the Realm squad continues to make headlines since opening its doors on January 8 of this year. They just announced that they purchased the brewing equipment from Green Flash Brewing Company’s facility in Virginia Beach to boost capacity and produce a wider range of sipping options.


The word “enterprising” in New Realm’s four-month span would be an understatement; even their beer garden along Atlanta’s burgeoning Eastside Beltline has yet to be completed, but they still couldn’t pass on the Virginia deal. But to put their growing local fan base at ease regarding the recent acquisition, New Realm isn’t going anywhere.

“This equipment presents an incredible opportunity to expand our capacity in a meaningful way while staying committed to our roots,” says CEO Falcone in New Realm’s official press release. “New Realm is proud to be part of the Atlanta community and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve more New Realm fans.”

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Steele adds, “We continue to invest in our Beltline brewery and restaurant with additional team members and new 60-barrel expansion tanks. But the reality is that, thanks to the incredible support of New Realm’s patrons and fans in Atlanta, we are capacity-and-space constrained in our current location. We are excited about the ways this new equipment and capacity will enable us to deliver the same high-quality beers while increasing our ability to innovate and create new beers for local fans.”

To gain a little more in-depth information about what the New Realm team has in store, Falcone provided with an exclusive interview to address their current status and future endeavors.

Ale Sharpton: With all the moves New Realm has been making, talk about your status in terms of meeting projections so far.

Carey Falcone: We are very fortunate that fans of New Realm are asking for more and we have significantly exceeded our expected beer volume. We ordered 60-barrel expansion tanks for our Atlanta facility and hired additional brewers, but the reality is we are both constrained regarding space and capacity. We needed a plan to brew locally in the Southeast; this new equipment presents an incredible opportunity to expand our capacity in a meaningful way while staying committed to our roots.

“It will remain in the Southeast. We have no aspirations to be a national–or even regional–brand.” Carey Falcone, New Realm Brewing

AS: Where do you plan to set up the newly purchased equipment?

CF: We’re still in the process of exploring our options, but it will remain in the Southeast. We have no aspirations to be a national–or even regional–brand. Importantly, we are committed to only selling our beers in states where we both brew and are an active member of the community.

AS: What beers have been the most popular so far and what styles do you want to brew more of?

CF: Our two most popular beers have been our classic American IPA, Hoplandia, and our German-style Pilsner, Euphonia, which have both recently been released into cans. Quickly gaining popularity is our latest IPA, Hoptropolis, which is an extremely well-balanced, fruit-forward IPA that finishes with a soft bitterness.

The new equipment will enable us to increase our ability to innovate and create new beers. We have a list of innovative brands and styles scheduled for our pilot system including a whiskey barrel-aged stout and Belgium triple, gose, Berliner Weisse and a Mexican lager.

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New Realm Beer Availability

New Realm’s beers can be found at its current brewing headquarters at 550 Somerset Terrace NE #101, Atlanta, GA 30306. You’ll also find New Realm beers pulled from taps at nearby bars and restaurants and in cans for retail throughout Georgia.

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