The Craft Dome is the National Park You’ve Been Waiting for

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Craft Dome National Park
An artist rendering of the "Craft Dome." (Credit: Sierra Nevada/Facebook)

Four pioneers of U.S. small and independent craft brewing are set to have their likenesses chipped into the side of California’s Half Dome, renaming the national treasure the Craft Dome.

Kim Jordan (New Belgium), Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada), Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery) and Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) say they’re humbled by the monumental honor.

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“What’s more patriotic and American than craft beer?” Kim Jordan says in a new video shared from Sierra Nevada’s Facebook page on Saturday, April 1.

“I hate to think that any of us are going to get a big head as a result of having our heads really big on the side of a mountain,” Calagione reflects.

Grossman says it all started with a call from Leslie Knope a few weeks ago. Grossman says the Pawnee, Indiana, native who rose to the top of the ranks of the National Park Service was looking for a way the government could give props to the rise of small and independent brewing in America.

“She said she wanted to put a project together to honor the founding of craft brewing,” Grossman says. “Since California is the birthplace they wanted to do it at Half Dome.”

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“I can’t believe we’ve finally gotten here,” Oliver says. “We’ve pushed so hard over these last 20 years to be heard, to be seen and for people to have a chance to taste our beer. And now they’re finally giving us something — and it’s a whole damn mountain!”

No details yet on how long the project could take.

Hear more about the plan from the four honorees in the video below.

April 1 is going to be a wonderful day in craft beer history 😉

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