The Internet Loses Its Mind Over This Beer Made with Oreos

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Oreo beer
The Veil Brewing Co. releases a beer made with Oreos. (Credit: The Veil Brewing Co.)

Oreo beer is a real thing. The kid in me just did cartwheels in the office — and the internet is losing its mind.

See, back when I was young, we had it rough. If you wanted cookies and milk, you really had to work for it. After fetching the cookie jar from its precarious perch, you had to pull a cookie out (with your bare hands, no less), dunk it in a glass of milk, and then defy gravity by managing a bite without dripping milk on your school clothes. Only after this laborious process was it sipping time. It’s a wonder no one lost an eye.

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Well, times have changed. In a marvelous feat, The Veil Brewing Company has simultaneously streamlined the cookies-n-milk process and introduced beer into the equation.

The Richmond, Virginia, brewery just released a chocolate milk stout with Oreos. “We took our 7 percent robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and conditioned it on hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies,” according to their Facebook page. Cookies, milk and beer all in one 16 oz. can. You have to admire the efficiency.

This very limited brew (approximately 60 cases) was sold in 4-packs at the brewery only. According to the brewery’s Instagram account, the beer has sold out, so look for these at the next local bottle share.

Like, literally the next bottle share. Due to the added sugars from the Oreos, they recommend storing the beer cold and drinking it soon. Something tells me that won’t be a problem.

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Creating crave-worthy flavors is a hallmark of America’s small and independent craft brewers. This isn’t the first cookie-like beer that’s excited beer lovers. In 2016, people with a sweet tooth went wild when New Belgium partnered with Ben and Jerry’s for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale (because who doesn’t want to try a beer that tastes like two of the world’s best things: cookies and ice cream).

We may be grown up, but we still can’t keep our hands out of the cookie jar.

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