Texas Breweries Wait for Water to Recede, Others Turn Into Donation Centers

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texas flooding oskar blues
Oskar Blues Brewery, the Can'd Aid Foundation and the Ball Corporation are helping with Harvey flood relief in Southeast Texas. (Credit: Oskar Blues)

The Texas flooding is catastrophic. Since Hurricane Harvey made its first landfall Friday night, the National Weather Service has recorded more than 50 inches of rain in some locations. Forecasters say Harvey is likely to set a new record for the most rainfall ever recorded from a tropical storm or hurricane in the Lower 48.

More than 17,000 people are in shelters as of Tuesday evening. Thousands of families don’t have clean water, power or shelter — and breweries aren’t immune to this historic disaster.

160ft Beerworks announced on Facebook it’s closed indefinitely after their “entire neighborhood took on a massive amount of flood water.” They say security cameras showed 2 feet of water inside the brewery at the height of the storm. Owners hoped to have a better idea of damage by midweek, but admit the next few weeks will be hectic as they “sort through legalities and operations.”

“We’re in shock.” Sigma Brewing Company

Fetching Lab in Alvin, Texas, says the brewery is dry, but it’s basically an island surrounded by water.

Houston’s Sigma Brewing Company says they’re “in shock,” but report all their employees are safe.

Houston Breweries Help Flood Victims

Breweries that have power (and manpower) are acting as donation centers, including Eureka Heights and Saint Arnold Brewing. Saint Arnold also turned its Facebook page into information central, posting info from FEMA and other emergency preparedness organizations.

Houston’s Great Heights Brewing plans to donate all its Tuesday profits to relief efforts. Pedernales Brewing Company in Fredericksburg is donating $1 from every pint purchased at the tap room through Sunday, Sept. 3 to the recovery efforts.

Earlier this week, 8th Wonder Brewing used their oversized brewery truck to get flood victims to safer areas. A local reporter posted the video on Twitter.

Colorado Brewery Cans Clean Water for Texas

Oskar Blues Brewery, together with the CAN’d Aid Foundation have processed and prepared water for disaster relief.

On Tuesday, August 29, Oskar Blues employees stopped canning beer to fill 88,800 cans of water in the Longmont, Colorado brewery. The cans will arrive in Texas later this week.

The flood response is a team effort between Oskar Blues Brewery (processing the water, canning the water, shipping), Ball Corporation (donated cans) and the CAN’d Aid Foundation (logistics, alignment in the ground, fundraising and additional ongoing relief efforts).

The CAN’d Aid Foundation is also running a donation campaign to help hurricane victims. You can find details on how to give here.

Editor’s Note: If you know more ways breweries are helping, we encourage you to leave a note in the comment section or email us.

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