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Youngest Head Brewer in the Country

Who’s the Youngest Head Brewer in America?

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Cole Brown was hired on as the head brewer of Eagle Creek Brewing Company in Statesboro, Ga., at the age of 22. Brown sits well below the average American homebrewer age of 40, and is believed to be the youngest head brewer in the country.

Brown’s Brewing Story

After making his first homebrew batch, Brown was convinced he wanted to make a living brewing beer. He transformed his basic homebrew kit into a fully electric system to mimic a production brewery and began entering regional homebrew competitions. After being introduced to Daniel Long and Franklin Dismuke, the owners of Eagle Creek, Brown was hired on as the head brewer.

“My favorite styles to brew are traditional German lagers,” said Brown. “We’ve gone so far as to put a reverse osmosis system in the brewery so I can mimic soft-water profiles of some German beers. Munich dunkels are among my favorite styles to both brew and drink.”

For more information on Eagle Creek Brewing Company, head to their website, and if you know of any young brewers, leave a comment below!

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