Aspen Brewing Company

By Brewers Association

The Happy Hour Guys visit Aspen Brewing Company for a behind the kettle experience as they learn the step by step process for brewing a batch of Aspen’s Brown Bearale.  We’re looking forward to Part 2 where The Guys will finish up the beer and enjoy some quality control.

Brown Bearale

Style: Brown Ale
Color: Medium Brown
IBU: 45-50
ABV: 5%

Suggested pairings from Aspen Brewing Company

Try Brown Bearale with a piece of venison, elk, or buffalo. If you are a grill/smoker master, smoke poultry or pork and pair it with Brown Bearale. This ale goes wonderfully with rich, hearty, cold-weather stews. Don’t be afraid to add some Brown Bearale to the stew’s base!

Cook with Brown Bearale

Hoisin & Brown Bearale Braised Beef Short-Ribs
Recipe by Chef JasonCasey |

Happy Hour Guys

The The Happy Hour Guys™ series visits pubs, taverns, bars, and other ‘third places’ that reflect a rich history and capture their community. We give the viewer a glimpse of what makes each of these watering holes so special; compelling atmosphere, unique (often noteworthy) patrons, interesting staff, grassroots involvement in the community, and of course, signature beverages. The Happy Hour Guys affirms the Universal Law that we all require community, relaxation… and a tasty beverage.