PSA: July 3 Is National Independent #BeerRunDay

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Some beer runs are so momentous — so essential — they deserve their own special holiday.

National Independent Beer Run DayOpens in new window, observed annually on July 3, is dedicated to supporting and celebrating independent beer in advance of Independence Day.

#BeerRunDay is for stocking up on local favorites for a Fourth of July gathering. It’s also for enjoyment right at the brewery, surrounded by friends and family. The most sublime beer runs involve both scenarios: sipping at the brewery and then leaving with arms full of fresh craft beer for later.

“For small and independent breweries, the Fourth of July period is like Black Friday,” says Bart Watson, chief economist for the Brewers Association. “It’s easily one of the biggest beer holidays for to-go sales, and is a huge driver of on-premise sales as well.”

No surprise there. Craft beer is a natural complement to picnics, barbecues, family reunions, cookouts, and camping trips. When it comes to essential shopping-list items for Independence Day, independent beer is right up there with charcoal briquettes, sparklers, and sunscreen.

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