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Atrevida founders holding beer behind brewery

Atrevida Beer Co.

This is Indie Beer

Bold, Daring, and Fearless 

Jessica Fierro found her passion for beer and brewing in Germany, where she and her husband, U.S. Army veteran Rich Fierro, were stationed. A German brewer offered to mentor Fierro and she was instantly committed to the craft: “I was enthralled with the process,” she said. “I realize now how much work is involved, but I thought, ‘My God, I can totally do this.’”

From Apprentice to Prime Time

In 2017, Fierro’s go-to homebrew recipe hit the big time. She accepted an invitation to appear on “Beerland,” a reality TV series on Viceland. Her beer won the competition, and it was scaled up and brewed commercially. “It was that moment that gave me the confidence to open the doors to my own brewery,” Jessica said.

Diversity, It’s on Tap

The Fierros started Atrevida Beer Company in 2018, in Colorado Springs, the first Latin-owned brewery in Colorado run by a female head brewer. (By the way, Spanish word “atrevida” means a woman who is bold, daring, and fearless.) 

From day one, they sought to create a gathering place that welcomes everyone in their community. A large sign reading “Diversity, It’s on Tap” greets visitors to the taproom. “Anyone who comes in here should know that this is a safe space,” Jessica said.

Unthinkable Tragedy 

On November 19–20, 2022, a gunman opened fire at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, killing five people and wounding 25. The death toll likely would’ve been much higher had the Fierros not been in the crowd. Using his army training, Rich Fierro and another patron were able to subdue the gunman and prevent further bloodshed. 

“Everyone in there was having a great time, and somebody decided to change our lives forever,” he said. “That’s the ugly part about this. We have to go through this forever.” 

Helping a Community Heal

Atrevida’s founding commitment to inclusion took on even more significance in the wake of the shooting. “When this event happened at ClubQ, the community already knew us as allies,” Richard said. “We offered [our brewery] as a safe space before, and we continue to do that. We’re open for everybody.”

Atrevida Beer Co.

204 Mt View Lane, Suite 3 Colorado Springs, CO