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bluegrass band on stage at brewery

Gotahold Brewing

This is Indie Beer

A Little Brewery in a Magical Place

Our co-owner and brewer, Dave Hartmann, has been brewing commercially for 30 years — in the Northeast, California, Germany, and Midwest. He wanted an outlet that would allow him the creative license to brew beers he finds interesting—both to brew and to drink. 

We chose Arkansas because of its favorable laws for craft breweries and room for growth. Eureka Springs affords the quality of life we seek outside of work; it’s gorgeous and attracts folks who appreciate all things craft. When people ask what brought us to town, we say, “This place just got a hold of us.” There is something truly magical about Eureka Springs.

From Stress to Success

We opened in July 2020. Opening a business poses its own challenges and stressors, opening during a pandemic amplified and added to that. We offered #tipsfortransformation Thursdays to support local nonprofit organizations. We asked the artists featured in our taproom to donate what would have been a 20% commission to the organization of the month. 

We donated over $30,000 in two and half years. In 2023, we transitioned to a 1% profit of three brands to be shared between four local nonprofits that address veterans health, socioeconomic justice, literacy, and environmental care. We have live music most of the year with musicians performing 80% or more original music. It’s all about craft. We feature the only beer forest in Arkansas that includes a one-mile hiking trail.

A Community Hub

Our brewery provides a gathering space for people to come together and enjoy themselves, celebrate, mourn, dream, and scheme. We provide a unique space for artists to show their work, musicians to perform, organizations to raise money. We provide an education into the world of craft beer where flavor is so much more than fizzy yellow slightly malty water. We also get to be excellent examples of sustainability and equality for the community.

Part of Something Bigger

One of the things that impresses our team members is how wonderful the beer community is; both the industry itself, but also the patrons. Brewers lean into one another all the time when they need help. If we ever have a question or need a recommendation, posing the question on a professional forum often provides a wealth of information. Collaborations are more common than unusual. The craft beer community cares. A lot. It’s an honor to be a part of that world.

Gotahold Brewing

409 W Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632