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Hidden Springs Ale Works

This is Indie Beer

Crafting Meaningful Experiences

Hidden Springs Ale Works is a family-owned and operated Florida brewery located in historic Tampa. We’ve been crafting fun, nostalgic, and tasty craft beverages since 2015, bringing people together to experience beer the best way possible — with friends and family. We pride ourselves on creating the best craft experience possible so that means we have high standards, not just when it comes to making beer, but how people experience it too.

Connection to Place

Our teams are industry professionals who are passionate about customer service and well-made things. Our founders were born and raised in Tampa, so being able to offer people a place where locals can unwind matters to us. Now that our brand is popping up throughout the U.S. and overseas, we love hearing about how drinking our beer connects people to home. That’s why we do what we do! 

Storytelling through Beer

Independent beer is about creativity and creativity is what drives everything we do. With craft beer, we can bring people together over the stories our beers tell. For us, this is important. One thing that differentiates us as humans from all other species is our ability to tell stories. Stories are what connects us across space and time. We hope our beers become like Proust’s madeleines.

Leading Ladies

Craft beer is growing thanks in part to the increasing number of women at its helm, not just those making beer, but women who are the unsung heroes of getting the brands to market, running the tasting rooms, and operations. At Hidden Springs, the majority of our management team is composed of women.

Hidden Springs Ale Works

1631 North Franklin Street, Tampa Florida 33602