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white and green beach style brewery exterior

Naked Iguana Brewery

This is Indie Beer

Filling a Need

I started homebrewing in 1997 and have had a strong passion for craft beer ever since. I retired from a career in September 2023 and we opened two months later. We are in Galveston, Texas, and there was nothing like what we opened near our brewery. So many customers have told us that Galveston needed a place like ours, and we already have a large local following. The people are what make our brewery successful in our short tenure, but our customers are all so unique, different, fun, and awesome!

Bringing People Together

Indie beer is the lifeline of American culture. There are so many different personality types, and craft beer identifies with every type of person. No matter the political, social, religious, and on and on difference of people, good indie beer brings us all together and makes us all realize no matter the background or difference in people, we really all can get along and be accepting of others.

Brewing with Passion and Kindness

You don’t need a chemistry or science background to open a small brewery. I had a background of 10 years as a police officer, and 20 years as an FBI agent. You just need to have a passion and a kind heart for people.

Naked Iguana Brewery

1828 The Strand, Galveston, TX 77550