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Switchback Brewing Co.

This is Indie Beer

A Vermont Icon

Switchback Brewing Company was founded in 2002 with one goal in mind: to brew unexpected, relatable, great-tasting beer. 

The idea that became our flagship, Switchback Ale, was developed in brewery founder Bill Cherry’s imagination, with no test brewing. He envisioned maximizing complexity and flavor, and delivering beer the way a brewmaster experiences it. To do this, all our beers are left unfiltered and are 100% naturally carbonated. In the 21 years since our first brew, the original Switchback has become Vermont’s iconic Ale. 

Pride in Ownership

In 2017, Bill turned ownership of the brewery over to the employees via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The move ensures Switchback will remain independently owned and operated forever. Switchback is the first and only 100% employee-owned brewery in New England. 

We have always taken pride in our beer, but being employee-owned brings that to a whole new level. We know that every keg, bottle and can that leave our building is a direct reflection on us. It pushes us to continue to brew a consistent and quality product that each and every employee-owner stands behind.

Brewing it Forward

Being independent means we have a special connection to the community we work and live in, which inspires us to give back. We understand that there is a certain level of face-to-face accountability within our community which has us striving to not only make great beer, but also to be exceptional neighbors.

Through our Switchback Gives Back Program, we donate our time and resources to local organizations that focus on improving the well-being of our neighbors. We’re proud to use our beer for good, donating over $50,000 to local non-profits in the past year alone. As an employee-owned brewery, our profits are kept in-state, which keeps the money flowing through our local economy and communities. 

All this makes Switchback a pillar in our community and the Vermont craft beer scene.

Switchback Brewing Co.

160 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401