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women enjoying beers on brewery patio

Walking Tree Brewery

This is Indie Beer

Honoring Tradition and Community

Walking Tree Brewery’s mission is to “Stay Rooted in Practice, Promise, and People.” We opened our doors in June of 2016 in a 1945 aviation supply warehouse. What started as a dream of escaping the mundane and chasing a passion for homebrewing has turned into a life of practicing the hard work of creating traditional-style craft beer. 

Community Supported Beer

Opening Walking Tree Brewery took four years of hard work, sweat equity, and a ton of volunteers. The city was considering demoing the historical 1945 naval supply warehouse until the Walking Tree crew and a huge group of community members pitched in. Coming from many different walks of life, they combined their skills to renovate the space, preserving the local historical value and repurposing original materials into the building’s new life as a welcoming neighborhood watering hole. 

Working Hard, Giving Back

Today, we continue to push innovation by breathing new life and creativity into classic beer styles the world has loved forever. Our success has enabled us to support organizations throughout the state of Florida that focus on protecting the environment and water quality. It’s our promise. Work hard, commit hard, and make great damn beer.

An Engine for Growth

Independent craft beer changes communities. Through innovation and commitment, this industry supports a community growth pattern that hasn’t been seen since prohibition. Local owners committed to their craft, their neighborhood and the people who make those neighborhoods thrive is key. 

Careful decisions, future planning, and honor to both old and new touch every part of both the building and the business, earning Walking Tree Brewery respect and continued success locally and throughout the state of Florida.

Walking Tree Brewery

3209 Dodger Rd, Vero Beach, FL 32960