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20 Pennsylvania Breweries Release Veterans Brew For Memorial Weekend

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Breweries In PA is excited to introduce “Hurry Up And Wait” the beer brewed by Pennsylvania Veterans in support of Pennsylvania Veterans. 20 veteran owned/ operated breweries in Pennsylvania have joined forces to release this beer in celebration of Memorial Weekend 2019. See a video from the brew day here!

A portion of proceeds from this beer will be donated to the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation. For this project, it was very important to those involved to support local veterans. Which is why they are proud to team with the PVF. Their organization exists to provide assistance and support for Pennsylvania veterans and their families. Over the last 8 years they have raised over 2 million dollars towards their cause.

Release Details:

The beer will release at the following 22 Pennsylvania breweries (draft only) below on Thursday, May 23rd. A map of where the beer will be pouring can be found here.

Beer Details:

“Hurry Up And Wait” is an 8.0% Double IPA brewed with 2400 lbs of Deer Creek (West Chester, PA) Keystone Pale, 440lbs of Pale Oat Malt and 220lbs Pale Triticale. The hops used for the beer is the Yakima Veteran blend; a group of hops that were hand-selected by a group of veteran-owned breweries from across the USA.

Please join us in raising a glass to veterans all across Pennsylvania and the country!