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Deep Ellum Releases Hop Seeker

Deep Ellum Releases Hop Seeker

Hop Seeker

Wet Hop American Pale Ale

This is Hop Seeker, the 1st installment of our quarterly IPA series. Hop Seeker is a 100% wet hop ale, meaning we used fresh cut Centennial hops in the initial boil and will use fresh cut Equinox hops in the dry hop! Equinox is a newer variety that has a pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics, including lemon, lime and papaya. By using such an unholy amount of wet hops in copious late additions, we coaxed aromas of citrus, melon and resin from the green beasties. Wet hops all the way through!

ABV 5.6% IBUs 63

Hops: Centennial, Equinox

Malts: Pale Ale, Munich Ten, Wheat

Yeast: English Ale

Package: 12oz. cans

Contact Info

Company: Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
Contact: Zack Fickey