A Gluten-free Collaboration: Brewnited Red IPA

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Brewnited Red IPA, a collaboration between gluten-free beer industry leaders Grouse Malt House, Aurochs Brewing, and Holidaily Brewing, will hit tap lines on March 29th in time for the Craft Brewers Conference.

Gluten-free brewing has come a long way. Long gone are the days where options for brewing a gluten-free beer are limited to sorghum syrup bases or artificial flavorings. Thanks to companies like Grouse Malt House, a dedicated gluten-free malting company, brewers can use naturally gluten-free grains to create a beer that tastes like craft beer.

“The mission of Holidaily is built around getting beer into the hands of those who haven’t been able to enjoy one in awhile due to being gluten-free,” said Holidaily Founder Karen Hertz. “Giving those people the experience of drinking a great-tasting craft beer is what motivates us every day.”

Aurochs Brewing in Pennsylvania and Holidaily Brewing in Colorado were named for having the #1 and #2 gluten-free beers in the nation by USA Today. Both breweries source their grains (millet, buckwheat, and quinoa) from Grouse Malt House.

Holidaily Founder Karen Hertz, Aurochs Founder Doug Foster, and Grouse Head Maltstress Twila Soles will lead a panel on all things gluten-free beer at the Craft Brewers Conference on Thursday April 11th where attendees can sample Brewnited Red IPA.

The 6.8% ABV beer combines a subtle sweetness, a fruity hop flavor, and a malty finish to make this ruby red beer unique. It features new malts from Grouse, including roasted Goldfinch millet.

“We are small but growing breweries separated by 1,400 miles,” said Aurochs Founder Doug Foster. “But we’re­­­ united in our cause – to brew incredible beers everyone can enjoy from naturally gluten-free ingredients.”

In addition to being available at the Craft Brewers Conference, Brewnited Red IPA will be on tap and in crowler cans to go at Holidaily’s taproom in Golden, Colorado and on tap at Aurochs’ taproom in Emsworth, Pennsylvania.

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