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Outer Light Brewing Releases Port Hopper Golden Ale

Outer Light Brewing Releases Port Hopper Golden Ale

Life is about the journey. Often, we’re not sure exactly where it is we’re going, only that we’re definitely moving. Along the way, we meet new people, visit memorable places, have wild adventures, drink good beer. We hop from one port to another, metaphorically for some, literally for others (especially in the Groton area), chasing the next milestone in our fruitful lives.

While we understand our journey could end at any time, we look to go as slowly as possible, enjoying every fleeting moment. Life is not a race, and if it is one, Team Outer Light isn’t looking to win it. There’s so much to discover, and we’d rather watch the whole movie, not just the trailer.

On that note, we’d like to introduce Port Hopper Golden Ale. We had a specific goal in mind for Port Hopper: brew a light, sessionable beer with minimal bitterness to appeal to people who enjoy simpler beers, while adding enough juicy hop flavor to keep the hop heads interested.

Port Hopper isn’t quite a light beer, and it’s not quite a pale ale. It is its own unique brew. Golden ale, American ale, session beer, or just a beer – call it whatever you like. Just enjoy this low alcohol offering while you port hop. No matter where you are, no matter when you’re there, Port Hopper satisfies.

ABV: 4.7% IBU: 17 SRM: 3.5 Malt: Pils, Vienna, Cara-Pils, Acidulated Hops: Azacca, Citra

Available on draft only.


About Outer Light Brewing Company: Founders Tom Drejer and Matt Ferrucci are inspired by life’s simple pleasures: A fleeting moment in early spring as you sit on your surfboard, waiting for the perfect set to roll in.  A perfect summer afternoon, watching the powdery white clouds contrast a bright blue sky.  A crisp autumn evening shared with family and friends around a crackling campfire.  Or the quiet solitude of a powder run, lips smacking for the hearty stout that lies at the end.  Outer Light Brewing Company captures the experience of those moments in a bottle, glass or growler.

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