Telluride Brewing Co Introduces Hop Terpenes in Their First Short Run Series – Galloping Juice

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TELLURIDE, CO – Telluride Brewing Company introduces their first ever canned short run series – ​Galloping Juice​- a collaboration with Oast House Oils. Juicy, but clear, each Galloping Juice limited edition Colorado Style IPA is brewed with hop terpenes, a true breakthrough in the craft brewing industry. The first release, Cashmere Hop Edition ships today and is scheduled to hit shelves, bars and restaurants statewide on November 11th with just a 500 case run.

“This Colorado Style IPA is a hybrid of West Coast and New England Style IPAs,” says Chris Fish, ​Brewmaster and Co-Founder​of Telluride Brewing Company, “Bitter up front like a West Coast IPA, while featuring bright fruit flavors similar to a New England Style IPA, the Galloping Juice series is clear, fruity and drinkable.”

It took just 36 pounds of hops to create the Cashmere hop terpenes featured in the first beer released in the Galloping Juice collaboration series. Implementing hop terpenes into the brew process makes this approach to brewing not only more sustainable, but the yield per brew is increased and the flavor is undeniable.

“When we first began experimenting with hop terpenes, the moment was game changing.” explains Fish, “In my career, I’ve never seen something so familiar, but revolutionary to the way beer is made.”

Using terpenes in the brewing process is not new to the craft brewing industry. Fruit terpenes are utilized by breweries across the country, but the idea of using hop terpenes is a completely unique concept.

“Our 100% pure terpene extraction process allows brewers to put back into the beer only what is desired, pure flavor and aroma,” explains Rob Kevwitch, PhD, Director of R&D at Oast House Oils. “Working with Telluride Brewing Company, a trusted, smaller scale brewery with a history of producing incredible beer, means that our terpenes are incorporated to perfection.” Find a Craft Brewery

The monumental use of hop terpenes called for a name historically significant to Colorado. “Galloping Juice” is an homage to the Galloping Goose railcars that were operated by Rio Grande Southern from the 1930s to 1951 to run mail into small towns in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains… A name that signifies a true ​movement​.

Galloping Juice varieties will roll out every six weeks with Mosaic Hop and Azacca Hop Editions releasing on December 23rd, 2019 and February 3rd, 2020 respectively. Each will feature the Galloping Goose Train in different color variations.


Crafting beers from Rocky Mountain snowmelt and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, Telluride Brewing Company is a Colorado Craft Brewery to its core. Founded by best friends in 2011, the brewery is known for its award-winning flavors, local presence and fun-loving personality. Since their first pour in 2012, Telluride Brewing has undergone countless expansions, and taken home Gold medals for their Face Down Brown at World Beer Cup (2012) and Great American Beer Festival (2012 & 2014), as well as Bronze at Great American Beer Festival (2016). Their Whacked Out Wheat also medaled at Great American Beer Festival (2015) and World Beer Cup (2016 & 2018).