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Averie Swanson Named Brewery Production Manager at Jester King

Averie Swanson Named Brewery Production Manager at Jester King

In the wake of the recent departure of Barrel Program Head Adrienne Ballou from Jester King, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made some in-house promotions. However, before mentioning them, it’s important to note that Garrett Crowell continues to serve as our Head Brewer! Garrett has done wonderful things over the years at Jester King, including developing our mixed culture of native yeast and bacteria we use to ferment our beer. Garrett will continue to shape the creative vision for our beer, and preside over recipe formulation, ingredient selection, process, technique, fermentation, fruit refermentation, and our overall beer making philosophy.

We’re excited to announce that Averie Swanson has been promoted to Brewery Production Manager! In that role, she will orchestrate beer making at Jester King so as to make our creative vision a reality. Averie began volunteering at Jester King in February of 2013, and after a six-month apprenticeship, was hired as Brewer in April of 2014. Over the years, she has shown a great propensity for leadership, management, and organization, and she will contribute these traits to our beer making, as our new Brewery Production Manager. Averie is native of Houston, Texas. Jester King Brewery Production Manager Averie Swanson We’re excited to announce that Matt Piper has been promoted to Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Jester King! Matt in many ways is the glue that holds the brewery together. He keeps our brewing, engineering, and tasting room operations coordinated and helps the brewery function cohesively. In his new position, he will oversee our infrastructure, take on new construction and systems installation projects, and manage our inventory and logistics. Matt began working at Jester King nearly three years ago in April of 2013 and hails from Rosebud, Texas. Jester King Infrastructure & Operations Manager Matt Piper

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