BSB LIVE Presents: Maxwell Hughes

BSB LIVE Presents: Maxwell Hughes

Maxwell Hughes, formerly of The Lumineers, is a highly accomplished songwriter and musician whose talent and charisma has captured audiences with his unique sound, irresistible beats, and Find a Craft Breweryentertaining presentation. Influenced by Tommy Emmanuel and Kaki King, he also draws inspiration from rap, electronic, and video game music.

Come rock out with us, drink delicious red ales and watch out for a performance by a special guest! Admission is free.

BSB LIVE Presents: Maxwell Hughes

Location: 3719 Walnut St, Denver CO 80205 Time: 7-9pm

About Black Shirt Brewery

Located in the heart of the RiNo Art District neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, we at Black Shirt Brewing Co. strive to offer an experience that combines the perfect balance between music and delicious craft beer. We were voted “Best Brewery Taproom – Patio” by Westword Magazine. Come in and see what all the hype is about.

Why black shirts?

Society tries to steer you down a very defined path of norms. Some might say this is the road most traveled, made of bricks that have been compacted with the footsteps of mindless cooperation. Go against the grain, find your own path, and when you need inspiration always look to the ones in black. They are the rule breakers, the non-conformists, and the counter culture. Black Shirt isn’t just our name – it’s our philosophy against convention and homogenization. It’s who we are, who we call our friends and what we strive to be – the ones that challenge the “norms” of the craft beer industry.

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