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Fieldhouse Brewing Company Opening June 28th

Fieldhouse Brewing Company Opening June 28th

Fieldhouse Brewing Company is set to open its doors Saturday, June 28th in Downtown Colorado Springs after years of efforts. Owners Travis and Niki Fields first set their mind on opening a brewery in December of 2010 while brewing a batch at home. Travis had been hoping to start a business that would allow him to get out of electrician work, and brewing was the answer.

FV_FieldhouseIt hasn’t been an easy road, with several obstacles along the way. Ever since they first sat down in ’11 to write their business plan, Travis and Niki have been moving toward the moment when they open their doors for business this Saturday. Everything from starting a family to working with the not so lovely regional building department, transitioning from Travis’s homebrew equipment, failed glycol systems, and the inevitable delayed shipping and backordering of basic parts – they have seen it all.

Some of you may have already gotten a taste of what FBC will have to offer through Colorado Springs Craft Week events or the Feast of St. Arnold. They will be serving up their main four beers at the Grand Opening: Sticky Paws Honey Wheat, Fist Pump Milk Stout, Paralysis by Analysis IPA, and their gluten free version of Paralysis by Analysis, with plans to add more options soon.

Niki Fields has Celiac Disease and cannot consume gluten. Because of this, her and Travis are excited to be the first brewery in the area to brew several gluten free options. In the near future they plan to incorporate a GF version of each of their seasonals including their pumpkin porter and cranberry saison. It’s extremely difficult to brew without one of beer’s most basic ingredients, barley. However, Fieldhouse is seeking to create the best possible versions with a blend of ingredients that will fill this increasing demand. By creating a mixture of millet, flaked rice, candi sugar, buck wheat, and a few others they will be able to stomp the bad reputation of 100% sorghum GF beers. They are also working closely with Colorado Malting out of Alamosa to create a bigger variety of roasts for their GF beers.

More photos and information on the opening celebration here.

Thanks to Aly Hartwig of Pikes Peak Brewing Company for the words and photographs.

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