Fort George Russian Imperial Stout Brewer Resigns

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April 1 Ft george

Sources Cite Improper Contact with Russian Ambassador Kislyak

[Astoria, Oregon] April 1, 2017 | Fort George brewer Packy Coleman resigned yesterday, capping a tumultuous brew week that began with revelations he had discussed recipes with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The exact nature of those conversations and the extent of the collaboration remains cloudy at this time.

“The owners are evaluating the situation now,” brewery press secretary Brad Blaser stated. “Whatever conversations Mr. Coleman may have had with Ambassador Kislyak, the single most important issue remains the quality and safety of the beer.”

Coleman had been under suspicion after brew sheets surfaced showing contact with Kislyak during the fermentation process. According to unnamed brewery sources, he allegedly mislead co-owner Jack Harris about the content of those communications, and quite possibly the grain bill. This led to Ambassador Kislyak being 86’d from the public house and ultimately the resignation of Coleman, who turned his boots in Friday afternoon.

“What did he brew, and when did he brew it?”

Lead brewer Michal Frankowicz was more direct. “What did he brew, and when did he brew it? I don’t think we’ll know the full gravity of this brew situation until we get those answers.”

Complicating matters, Coleman held a dual role as safety manager at Fort George. The owners have been extremely vocal in their concern about leaks coming from the brewery.

“We’ll be doing a thorough investigation into all of our safety protocols,” Frankowicz adds. “And we’ll be much more thorough in our vetting of Russian Imperial Stout recipes in the future.”

Media Contact: Brad Blaser Fort George Brewery