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Introducing Jester King Original Black Metal Crowlers!

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We’ve been hearing it for years — “I haven’t liked a Jester King beer ever since they stopped making original Black Metal.” Every time we announce the release of a fresh seasonal fruit re-fermentation or a complex, nuanced saison, we are reminded that there is no longer any interest in our beer, as we no longer brew original Black Metal Imperial Stout. However, it wasn’t until noted critic, Beer Advocate poster AllzUrWhalezBro, recently commented, “JK tastes like a dog pised[sic] in a buckett[sic] & then someone spiled[sic] some jam in the buket[sic] & then they left the busket[sic] outside for a year & why do pepl[sic] pay $ for this?” that we finally realized the error of our ways. While we thought there was a place in the beer world for subtle, complex, slow fermentations with our mixed culture of brewers yeast and native yeast and bacteria harvested from the air and land around our brewery in the Texas Hill Country, AllzUrWhalezBro’s eloquent and nuanced takedown of our brewery has brought us back to reality.

After much discussion and debate, we at Jester King have decided to begin moving in a different direction. Starting today, we will be turning our brewery completely over to the production of original Black Metal Imperial Stout, fermented with our famous, one-of-a-kind English Ale Yeast purchased from a commercial yeast laboratory. We are already in the process of clearing out our barrel room and dumping the last of our barrel stock in anticipation of the twenty new fermenters due to arrive next week from artisanal tank producer 分 桃 in China. Original Black Metal Imperial Stout is 111.7% alcohol by volume, has a finishing gravity of 1.108, and is 1,467IBUs. It will be packaged exclusively in 32-oz. cans, or “crowlers,” which is the perfect serving size and vessel for this beer. As we will no longer need a tasting room after this transition, all Black Metal will be sent out for distribution. Look for it in stores soon!