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In The Weeds and Oasis Texas Brewing Company Release $2.13 Pale Ale

In The Weeds and Oasis Texas Brewing Company Release $2.13 Pale Ale

Austin, TX – Oasis Texas Brewing Company (OTXBC) and local service industry community forum In The Weeds recently collaborated to create a beer called $2.13 in Find a Craft Breweryappreciation for those in the service industry. $2.13 Pale Ale is also meant to increase public awareness that our service industry receives low pay without any adjustment for cost of living since 1991.

This collaboration beer is called $2.13 which is the federal minimum wage for tipped employees. $2.13 is described as a Bantam Pale Ale, coming in at 4% ABV. $2.13 is a sessionable ale with great flavor, light hop aroma, and will be affordably priced. This craft beer will rival the price of the “cheap beers of the world” without sacrificing the high quality OTXBC offers year round. the $2.13 will be available in cans.

“A person who works for tips is a gambler, wagering their smile, personality and hospitality to pay their bills. This beer is a salute to our industry, the people that risk making $2.13 an hour. OTXBC appreciates the service industry, and In The Weeds advocates for the service industry so that is why this project has come to fruition.” Kc Hensley, Founder, In The Weeds.

A launch party will be held at Oasis Texas Brewing Company at 7pm Friday, January 26th. Following its official launch, $2.13 pale ale will be available in local retailers, with distribution via Ben E. Keith.

About In The Weeds:

In The Weeds is an underground Central Texas focused service industry forum comprised of over 9,000 members as of January 2018. For the last four years, In The Weeds has focused on making lives better for hospitality industry employees by building and fostering a positive community and providing a forum for education, professional development, and job opportunities.

About Oasis Texas Brewing Company (OTXBC):

OTXBC is an award-winning brewery perched high above Lake Travis., offering sessionable and innovative craft beers in Texas and across the southern United States. Oasis Texas Brewing Company won a gold medal in 2014 for London Homesick Ale and a silver medal in 2017 for Luchesa Lager. OTXBC is located at 6550 Comanche Trail. The OTXBC taproom opens at noon, Tuesday – Sunday, with creative food offerings from their seasoned culinary staff.


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Contact: Kc Hensley, Founder, In The Weeds