Pelican Brewing to Open Lincoln City, Oregon Brewpub

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Pelican Brewing Company’s newest Oregon Coast brewpub is coming soon to Lincoln City, Oregon. The brewery announces its expanded coastal footprint on the site of The Bay House, an iconic restaurant on Siletz Bay. With a long, rich legacy in fine cuisine and hospitality on the Central Coast, The Bay House plans to relocate and expand its popular venue at another site nearby.

“We are in the planning stages of designing an innovative new brewpub that will bring a unique dining option to Lincoln City and we are delighted to follow the incredible legacy of The Bay House restaurant at this beautiful site on the coast—we wish them well as they expand their hospitality offerings,” says Mary Jones, founder and owner of Pelican Brewing, Kiwanda Hospitality Group and the Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies. “Whether it’s brewing award-winning beer, innovating new beer cuisine or creating a new venue for guests to enjoy the magnificence of the Oregon Coast, we are all about creating great guest experiences. This new brewpub will enable us to do just that while bringing a new dining and entertainment experience to the Central Coast.”

Pelican has secured the design services of the global award-winning hospitality design firm, EDG, and the architectural expertise of Portland-based Jones Architecture. Both firms are committed to collaborating with the Pelican team to create an exceptionally-designed space that embraces the beauty of the site and Pelican’s desire to create an extraordinary guest experience. The team is working diligently on the plans and hope to break ground in early 2020.  Planned opening is early 2021.

“Pelican Brewing Company, its owners, and team are well-respected, and they will be an active community partner in Lincoln City hospitality and tourism—we welcome them to this special location,” says Steve Wilson, long-time proprietor at The Bay House. “We have been planning to expand our offerings to include overnight lodging in addition to the restaurant venue, and we are now engaged in negotiations to move to an outstanding spot not far from here.  With the same staff, the same menu concepts, the same dedication to our art, and the same attitude of hospitality, we expect to be ready for business by early next year.”

In other news…

New 19.2 ounce ‘stovepipe’ PeliCANs have landed!

Pelican has introduced a new 19.2 ounce ‘stovepipe’ style of can to its lineup. The first up in this single-serve format is Pelican’s renowned India Pelican Ale, which returns this month to its core year-round line of brews. As a beach brand, Pelican is long on environmentally-friendly packaging options—cans are readily recyclable, lightweight, light-proof for avoiding light damage, and compatible with Pelican’s place on the beach and recreational outdoor lifestyle.

“The 12 ounce can format we launched earlier this year has been wildly successful and led us to think about a fun single-serve size format to replace the 22 oz. bottle—when we saw the 19.2 ounce can we knew it was the perfect solution,” says Jim Prinzing, chief executive officer, Pelican Brewing Company. “Our barrel-aged series will continue to be released in the 22 ounce bottle, but the 19.2 ounce can will be much more conducive to the packable, mobile and outdoor-friendly lifestyle our fellow fanatics love.”

In addition to India Pelican Ale, the lineup of 19.2 ounce cans will also include Kiwanda Cream Ale, Beak Breaker Double IPA, and Tsunami Stout.

Pelican leans into sustainable brewing practices

With a mission to invest in the community and initiatives that make its home at the Oregon Coast environmentally healthy, Pelican has installed new technology and launched initiatives that protect and sustain the environment. The brewery just announced a partnership with local start-up Farm Power Northwest to recycle their own brewing wastewater with the help of this local processor. Pelican then will buy a significant part of its electrical power back from these local & renewable resources to help support the cycle of sustainable energy production. Pelican’s new recycling process joins other environmental protection initiatives like the Salmon SuperHWY, spent grain donations for local dairies and brewing practices that ensure better water conservation to name a few.

Pelican eyes expansion at Tillamook brewing facilities

With growing demand for its award-winning beer, consistent innovation of new and unusual beer styles, and more collaboration with brewing partners, Pelican is planning for expansion of its brewing facilities in Tillamook. Pelican currently produces 40,000 barrels of beer a year on a 30-barrel brewhouse and plans to install a larger brewhouse in Spring of 2020 that will allow capacity growth upwards of 100,000 barrels while maintaining the flexibility of the smaller 30-barrel brewhouse.

“It is very important for us to remain flexible and innovative as we grow, says Jim Prinzing, chief executive officer, Pelican Brewing Company. “The expansion plan we are bringing together allows us to grow capacity to stay ahead of the demand curve but also gives us the agility that we need to continue brewing a ready supply of small batch, barrel aged, and experimental beers that our fans love.”

About Pelican Brewing Company

Pelican Brewing Company was born at the beach in 1996. Here, in front of a rundown old building at the water’s edge, stood three enthusiastic young folks whose thirst for great beer overshadowed their understanding of what it would take to build a brewery. They did it anyway. Thanks to the vision of founding owners Jeff Schons and Mary Jones, Oregon’s only beachfront brewpub became one of the state’s most popular destinations. And now 24 years later, Pelican Brewing Company is an iconic beach brand and one of the most decorated craft breweries in Oregon. Pelican has been honored with more than 450 awards including the prestigious 2015, 2016, 2017 Australian International Beer Awards Champion Medium International Brewery; 2014 World Beer Cup Champion Small Brewery; 2013 Great American Beer Festival Large Brewpub of the Year. Why? Pelican brews are playful, but not frivolous. Brewed with purpose, passion and a deep respect for the craft. Pelican operates brewing and brewpub facilities in Pacific City, Cannon Beach, and its state-of-the-craft brewery in Tillamook, Oregon where it brews 40,000 barrels of award-winning beer annually and distributes to six states. Pelican’s vision, its beer and values were born at the beach where the team wakes up each day in a place that reminds them that amazing is possible. Cheers, Fellow Fanatics!

For more information, visit Pelican Brewing Company.

Contact: Claudia Johnson, Public Relations, 503-799-2220.