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Secret Hopper Announces “Excellence in Experience” Award for Elite Breweries

Secret Hopper Announces “Excellence in Experience” Award for Elite Breweries

Launched less than two months ago, Secret Hopper, the mystery shopping service for craft beer businesses, has received an overwhelming response from both craft breweries and their loyal fans. Secret Hopper believes that an outsider’s perspective can bring surprising and helpful information to any brewery. It is their goal to make every guest at their clients’ breweries at repeat customer.

Secret Hoppers are undercover guests who will provide honest, first hand feedback about their experience at the establishment. They will share their first thoughts upon arriving, feedback on the atmosphere, and detailed accounts of the customer service they received while spending time at the brewery. For breweries, Secret Hopper is a surprisingly affordable service and for craft beer Beer and Food Courselovers it is a great way to fund a craft beer hobby.

When asked what type of beer Secret Hopper would be, a recent mystery shopper commented, “Secret Hopper would be a pilsner. Very approachable and easy to use. Something that I think all people would enjoy participating in and breweries could benefit from.”

Secret Hopper wants to let breweries focus on their brand and the beer, while they help brewery owners and management once again see their business from the other side of the bar. Secret Hopper wants to find areas across the scope of breweries where they can improve. They want to help find new areas of opportunity to help experience even greater success. Over time their research will help analyze trends, track improvements, and make breweries’ brands stronger one pint at a time.

Moreover, Secret Hopper is proud to announce the creation of the Secret Hopper Excellence in Experience Award to recognize craft beer businesses that truly succeed in creating an overall elite experience for their guests. Craft beer businesses that average a score of 90/100 over three consecutive months of Secret Hops will be awarded this certification. The Secret Hopper Excellence in Experience Award will let craft beer drinkers know prior to even walking through a brewery’s doors that this business has a proven track record of creating a world class destination complete with an extraordinary atmosphere and outstanding customer service.

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