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Triple Voodoo Brewing to open brewery and tap room in San Francisco in 2013

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Triple Voodoo Brewing, a leading craft brewery, announces today that it is planning to open a brewery and tap room by 2013 in San Francisco.

Triple Voodoo Brewing was established in 2011 with the goal of taking the best aspects of Belgian and California styles of brewing together to create unique beer styles. Since then they have released unique creations such as Inception Belgian Style Ale, Grand Cru, and Witopia Belgian witbier. Triple Voodoo also contributed to several very fun collaborations with the ”Band of Gypsies”, San Francisco Brewer’s Guild, Knee Deep Brewing, and a “Kaleidoscope” of others.

2013 marks a new chapter in the Triple Voodoo story as they get ready to open up their own brewery and tap room in San Francisco. We caught up with Greg Kitchen, co-owner of Triple Voodoo, to tell us more about this exciting new project:

Q: Can you tell us more about Triple Voodoo’s new project?

Greg: Our plan is to create a truly unique destination for craft beer lovers in San Francisco. Our space will have an artisan size brewery and a modern and spacious tap room. We will focus on creating an interesting craft beer experience by having rotating taps featuring new styles every month. Another huge part of this concept is beer education. We hope to not only introduce people to craft beer but also educate them on the process and brewing concepts through brewery tours and sessions with our brewer to talk about our creations.

Q: It sounds like you won’t be opening a traditional brew pub or large scale production brewery?

Greg: Our focus will be on what we love doing best. We place our number one priority on quality and variation of our beers and we allow nothing else to distract ourselves from that. We will have a wide variety of unique styles that we ourselves are passionate about drinking. We will also have an extensive barrel aging program. The focus of our production will be on the tap room so that we can create the best possible beer experience in-house, with most of the beers we produce being served exclusively at the tap room. We won’t have a restaurant to take away our focus on beer, but we will partner with neighborhood restaurants and food trucks so that food is available for visitors to our tap room.

Q: So where is the location? When are you planning to open? Tell us more about the project?

Greg: We have secured a really awesome location in a great neighborhood. We don’t have an opening date just yet but it’ll be some time this year. We are keeping the rest of the details of our project under our hat right now. Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( or sign up for our newsletter ( as we will be releasing more details in the coming months.


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