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Upland to Expand Post-Apocalyptic Happy Hour by Opening Carmel Tap House

Upland to Expand Post-Apocalyptic Happy Hour by Opening Carmel Tap House

February 19, 2013 – The past year has been an enlightening one, for “Doomsday Preppers” and Upland friends and family alike.  Bath Salt Zombies, meteor strikes, and the end of the Mayan calendar made Upland’s existing apocalypse plan feel puny and underdeveloped.  Sure, they have Bloomington and Indy covered.  But in a period of lost power and fuel, it would be unreasonable and unfair for them to expect their friends on the north side to make the trek all the way down to Indy just for their favorite beverage.  So, in the interest of their primary company policy, “doing the right thing,” The Upland Brewing Company announces the opening of the Carmel Tap House this April. The 80-seat facility will be located at 820 E. 116th Street, between College Avenue and Guilford Road; a location that would give post-apocalyptic north siders more realistic access to craft beer in the event of an existential catastrophe.  Similar to the original brewpub, the Tap House will feature Upland’s craft beers, a menu of made-from-scratch dishes using locally sourced ingredients, and indoor and patio seating.

“This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary, and every year this industry becomes a little more fun,” says Doug Dayhoff, Upland President.  “Craft beer just seems to attract the best people- our employees and customers, and the crews at fellow breweries, are people who care about quality, supporting their community, and having a good time.  This Tap House will enable us to share many of our smaller seasonal releases with the good folks on the north side of town.”

Upland is also now accepting applications for Carmel Tap House staff: for information visit

Upland brews an abundance of ales, lagers, and sour beers that are distributed throughout Indiana and in parts of Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  The brewery has won numerous awards at regional, national, and international competitions and is well known for its Sour Ales, two of which were recently nominated for the “Best Craft Beer of 2012” by The Full Pint.  Upland is the first brewery to be recognized by the State of Indiana as an “Indiana Artisan.”

In the unfortunate event the Carmel Tap House does experience an apocalyptic threat in any form please identify the nearest exit and move quickly to another Upland location, including the Indy Tasting Room at 4842 N. College Avenue in Indianapolis, the Bloomington Brew Pub at 350 W. 11th Street, or the Bloomington Brewery and Tasting Room located at 4060 Profile Parkway (tours yes, zombies no).


Upland Brewing Company, Inc. is a Bloomington, Indiana-based brewery established in 1998 that specializes in handcrafted ales and lagers

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