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Rogue Nation Mourns the Loss of Jack Joyce

Rogue Nation Mourns the Loss of Jack Joyce

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Rogue Nation and the entire craft beer community lost a founder, pioneer and “true rogue” this week with the passing of Rogue Ales founder, Jack Joyce. Here’s a message from his son and current President of Rogue Ales, Brett Joyce:

Following a career as both a small town attorney and Nike executive, Jack and some friends founded Rogue in 1988 in Ashland, Oregon. From the outset, Jack set Rogue on a path of innovation, creativity, and rebellion. Rogue made hoppy, flavorful beers and was told that no one would drink them. Rogue made a wide range of beers and was told no one wanted variety. Rogue sold 22oz bottles of beer and was told no one would pay a premium for a single serve beer. Rogue opened multiple pubs and breweries and was told that it would be wise to follow a more efficient and logical business plan. Rogue took the road less, or perhaps never, travelled. Rogue was the first U.S. craft brewer to send beer to Japan. Rogue won 1,000 awards for product and packaging excellence. Rogue worried about getting better, not bigger. Rogue began distilling. Rogue began farming. Rogue remained dedicated to its small town roots and made sure to give back to its local communities. Rogue started a Nation. This was all vintage Jack.

Julia Herz publisher of and craft beer program director for the Brewers Association remembers Joyce as a champion for the craft brewing community:

“Jack Joyce will always be larger than life. He could see the forest through the trees, and maximized each moment, interaction and opportunity. The craft brewing community and the Brewers Association were lifted up further and faster because of his efforts.”

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