AK Beer Week

AK Beer Week

AK Beer Week FRI JAN 10 thru SUN JAN 19 (Alaska. Yes, in January.) 10 days. Craft Beer. Brave the Cold. Revere the Beer.

Due to travel logistics as well as a strong brewing community spirit in this state, AK Beer Week was created in 2011 to celebrate craft beer—not just in Anchorage, but in all of Alaska. With over 20 breweries and brewpubs in communities throughout the state, Alaska’s brewing industry parallels the passionate, artisan, entrepreneurial brewing renaissance that is emergent throughout the US and the world today. AK Beer Week is an exuberant way to nurture, highlight and elevate Alaska’s beer scene. And, yes, in the midst of winter.

Anchored by the Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival—now in its 18th year, AK Beer Week 2014 is slated for FRI JAN 10 through SUN JAN 19. Ten days of craft beer events—like traditional beer dinners, vintage and vertical flights, collaboration beers, craft beer cocktails, tap take-overs and beer ice cream socials—provide a multitude of ways to introduce newcomers to craft beer as well as delight the aficionados. Each year venues come up with new and exciting ways to showcase craft beers throughout Alaska. Look for more events that include educational and culinary spins. On the technology side, we’ve got a new web site, which will host sponsors’ Instagram “of the moment” photo streams and a more “see and click” events calendar, as well as two phone apps that will help guide your beer exploration throughout Alaska but especially at GABBF.

To keep up with the chaos, visit http://akbeerweek.com frequently and often.



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