Austin Beer Guide to Release Fall 2013 Issue, Party at Craft Pride 6PM Thursday, October 3

Austin Beer Guide to Release Fall 2013 Issue, Party at Craft Pride 6PM Thursday, October 3

As if October weren’t already punishing our liver’s resolve enough, it’s that time that comes every three months; the new Austin Beer Guide issue release party.

Austin Beer Guide have been accused of keeping this printed lazy excuse for “journalism” around just to throw these parties, and they’d like to take this opportunity to respond to such acclaims- yes, that is correct.

Without the parties to keep the blood flowing they would have stopped killing themselves over this years ago and crawled back to blogging, and then after realizing blogging is a dying medium, just quit altogether resigning to drinking “dad” beers while listening to Wilco (the earlier records) maybe once or twice a week. You know, on the nights Modern Family, Master Chef, or New Girl are not on.

So yeah, they’re excited about this PARTY!

And it was (mostly) kidding around about the guide-soul-sucking stuff. ABG still like it plenty and especially this one. It’s chock full of cool shit like Brewers’ Brain from Jeff Young of Black Star Co-op, Over a Pint with Pinthouse Pizza, a rundown of this town’s Lager Lovers, some in-depth, hard hitting reporting on how a few folks are making Ch-Ch-Changes post 2013 TX Lege. sessions, a nice little ditty by our friend over at An Avenue about how and what great local beers to drink while watching football, and finally our first ever overseas edition of Beer and Loathing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ll get to that next time you get to the bar before your friends or find a guide conveniently located in a taproom bathroom stall. Let’s move on to the party details.

Craft Pride 
61 Rainey St


  • Limited Fall 2013 Cover Poster Prints by Josh Cockrell (of Jester King) for the first 100 attendees
  • Special Edition ABG Fall Tallboy Koozies
  • New Mother Fucking Fall 2013 Austin Beer Guides
  • Slices and pies paired wt tha special beers via VIA 313
  • Austin Beerworks EINHORN
  • Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Fresh Hop
  • Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Belgian IPA
  • Hops & Grain Volumes of Funk Sour Barelywine 
  • Independence Convict Hill ON NITRO
  • Jester King El Cedro CASK
  • Live Oak TBD 
  • Real Ale Oktoberfest CASK wt PUMPKIN PIE SPICE

Yup yup.

Come on time, bring cash (cards will be accepted inside and out, but cash is quicker), bring friends, please take only as many poster prints and Koozies as you *NEED*.

OK, see you Thursday.

See more at: http://www.austinbeerguide.com/events-2/fall-2013-issue-release-party-craft-pride/#sthash.wJDRfoNt.dpuf

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