Wynwood Beer Festival

Wynwood Beer Festival

Have you ever tried over 150 beers in one day? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. However, we are going to make it happen at the Wynwood Beer Festival! We know, why doesn’t this happen more often? It’s okay, it’s not too late to get your tickets and reserve a place for you and your friends at the table of champions. Beer Champions. Beer lovers from all over will unite. To taste a wonderful selection of craft brewing masterpieces from all over the state as well as special rare craft beers. You’ll have the chance to taste over 150 beers (pace yourselves people)…But don’t worry, We will have food. Lot’s of it. It will be provided by some awesome food trucks, award winning food trucks actually. We will also have games. Yes, games. You aren’t too old for them. Come hang out, have a good time, and enjoy live entertainment while tasting some of the best beer around.Find a Craft Brewery

 Beer List to Date (more coming soon)..

  1. 26 Degree Brewing Company – @26brewing
  2. Clown Shoes – @kneedeepbrewco
  3. Concrete Beach Brewery – @concretebeachFL
  4. Coppertail Brewing Co – @coppertailbrewing
  5. Descarga – @descargabrewing
  6. Heretic – @hereticbrew
  7. J. Wakefield Brewing – @jwakefieldbeer
  8. Knee Deep – @kneedeepbrewco
  9. LauderAle – @lauderale
  10. Lost City – @LostCityBrewing
  11. Misfit’s Brewing – @Misfitsbrewing
  12. Octave Brewing – @octavebrewing
  13. Pair O’ Dice – @PairODiceBrewing
  14. Rough Draft – @kneedeepbrewco
  15. Silver Brewing Company – @silverbrewingco
  16. Tomoka – @tomokabrewingco
  17. Tripping Animals – @trippinganimals
  18. Unbranded – @unbrandedbrewingco
  19. Weird Beer Brew Co. – @weirdbeardbrewco

Contact Info

Company: Wynwood Beer Festival
Contact: Gabel N.
Email: social@wynwoodbeerfestival.com