Infographic: How to Choose the Right Beer Glass

Infographic: How to Choose the Right Beer Glass

Is there really such a thing as the right beer glass? It’s a puzzle that might intimidate newer beer lovers, but ask any beer expert, and they’ll overwhelmingly answer “Yes.”

There are a few ways choosing the right beer glass enhances your experience. Certain glass shapes can accentuate different parts of your beer, like the nose (a.k.a. how a beer smells). If you’re drinking a higher-alcohol beer, you’ll likely receive a smaller glass than if you were drinking a sessionable beer.

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Check out our handy beer glass infographic. It’s a good primer on how you can keep it glassy the next time you order your favorite beer.

Download Craft Beer Glass Primer

A few more things you should know: Frosted glassware is bad for beer — and so is a dirty glass. See the signs that your glass is beer-clean in this video.