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Beer Styles

India Pale Ales

An extension of the pale ale category with higher gravity ranges and an enhanced hop presence, IPAs have become one of the most popular styles of beer in the craft beer world. English and American examples differ due to the ingredients used, particularly the hop varieties. Although malt flavors are often present and offer balance, IPAs are a true celebration of hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. Newly developed hop varieties continue to bring exciting new flavors to this style, proving that bitter is beautiful.

  • American IPA

    Characterized by floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney or resinous American-variety hop character, the IPA...

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    American IPA

  • English-Style IPA

    Strong, bitter and completely misunderstood, the English India pale ale (or English IPA) bridges the...

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    English-Style IPA

  • Imperial India Pale Ale

    American craft beer lovers are huge fans of the IPA. The quest for more of the India pale ale flavor...

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    Imperial India Pale Ale

  • New England IPA

    Emphasizing hop aroma and flavor without bracing bitterness, the New England IPA  leans heavily on late...

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    New England IPA