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Beer Styles

Pale Ales

Pale ale is a catch-all term dating back to the 17th century when control of malt color was in its infancy. These beers were simply called 'pale' in comparison to the darker beers being produced at the time. Today, these beers are generally produced with two-row malted barley, referred to as pale malt. While generally more balanced than the hop-forward IPA, some versions can push the boundaries of the traditional style.

  • American Amber Ale

    Like most amber beers, American amber ale is named after the golden to amber color this American version...

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    American Amber Ale

  • American Pale Ale

    Like many others that have become known as classic American beers, the American pale ale can trace its...

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    American Pale Ale

  • Blonde Ale

    One of the most approachable styles, a golden or blonde ale is an easy-drinking beer that is visually...

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    Blonde Ale

  • English-Style Bitter

    The English-style bitter is a very sessionable, lower-alcohol, malt-driven style. Broad style description...

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    English-Style Bitter

  • English-Style Pale Ale (ESB)

    ESB stands for "extra special bitter." This style is known for its balance and the interplay between...

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    English-Style Pale Ale (ESB)