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Beer Styles

Wild/Sour Beers

  • American Brett

    These unique beers vary in color and can take on the hues of added fruits or other ingredients. Horsey,...

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    American Brett

  • American Sour

    The acidity present in sour beer is usually in the form of lactic, acetic and other organic acids naturally...

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    American Sour

  • Belgian-Style Flanders

    The Belgian-style Flanders is an ale with character and balance, thanks to lactic sourness and acetic...

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    Belgian-Style Flanders

  • Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic

    Often known as cassis, framboise, kriek, or peche, a fruit lambic takes on the color and flavor of the...

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    Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic

  • Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze

    Belgian-style Lambic or Gueueze beers are naturally and spontaneously fermented with high to very high...

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    Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze

  • Contemporary Gose

    Straw to medium amber, the contemporary Gose is cloudy from suspended yeast. A wide variety of herbal,...

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    Contemporary Gose