Awesomely Affordable Christmas Gifts for Craft Beer Fans

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Craft Beer Gifts's gift guide gives you affordable gift ideas for beer lovers. (

It’s beginning to look a lot like “Craftsmas,” and you know what that means! It’s time to start shopping for gifts for your jolly craft beer-drinking crew. Sure, you could get a six-pack of their favorite local beer, but why not go above and beyond this year and get something that will last a little longer?

I’ve scouted out the best gifts for craft beer fans in a few affordable price ranges (and all under $50). This list has it all, whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for your Secret Santa or some fun stocking stuffers.

Gifts for $20 or Less

Tom’s Tidbits & Keith’s Knickknacks | Allagash Brewing | $2, $5 or both for $10

Why go to the trouble of choosing beer gifts with intent when you could just have Tom and Keith from Allagash Brewing do it? Allagash gets a lot of requests for stickers, pins, stickers, coasters, beer labels, stickers, hugs, turtles, and maybe even a sticker. So with just one single low, low payment of $2, $5, $10 or $100, you can order your very own mystery pack!

Get this for that person who questions your spontaneity.

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OMF Wine Key | Our Mutual Friend | $8

To be honest, the wine key isn’t even the coolest or most interesting thing on Our Mutual Friend’s online store. What you really want to get your hands on is one of their limited-edition beer glasses, but since they’re so limited, you’ll just have to go to their page to see which uniquely crafted design is available. Plus, shouldn’t it be called a beer key?

Get this for “that friend” who likes IPAs.

Calusa Brewing 16 oz. Silipint | Calusa Brewing | $11

For thirsty Calusa Brewing fans across the land, 16-ounce silicone pints are more than a rugged alternative to the beer glass. From the patio to the campground, beach vacation or daily commute, these colorful, versatile drinking glasses are as flexible in shape as they are in utility. These true American pint-sized silicone cups have thick, sturdy, yet squeezable walls that are not too squishy, and a grippy outer surface for extra safety.

Get this for the “butterfingers” in your life.

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“The Guide to Craft Beer” | Brewers Publications | $12.95

“The Guide to Craft Beer” explains what craft beer is and how breweries are building community in their local areas. Dive into the 80+ style summaries and determine what beer you might like or find new styles to seek out. Develop your own tasting adventure with beer pairing tips for different styles and types of foods that marry well with them. Record your personal journey using the tasting log included in each book. It’s a great resource for new or seasoned beer drinkers and perfect for gift-giving!

Get this for beer beginners.

“Complete Joy of Homebrewing” by Charlie Papazian | $17.99

Get this for any craft-beer lover that’s ready to take the plunge into homebrewing. Simple and easy to understand, Charlie Papazian is known for his mantra: “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew.” “Complete Joy of Homebrewing” takes some of the stress of guessing out of homebrewing and helps readers master the basics.

Get this for anyone who truly loves craft beer.

Lager Love Socks | Wibby Brewing  | $15

These rad socks are the perfect stocking-stuffer—what’s better than a stocking inside a stocking?! Make sure you get these puppies on your puppies before the next ugly sweater party so they can show off their feet in style!

Get this for yourself.

“Against All Hops” | Butch Heilshorn | $18.99

Join brewer Butch Heilshorn and discover gruits: incredible botanical beers that were brewed throughout the world for most of human history. In his book, Butch provides techniques and approaches for the intermediate to advanced brewer to create these unique out-of-the-box brews. “Against All Hops” features stories and recipes for botanical beers that are brewed without hops for distinct, unusual and invigorating flavors. Butch presents these techniques with an experienced voice; he’s been brewing these ancient styled ales weekly at Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which he co-founded in 2012.

Get this for the advanced homebrewer in your life.

Great Gifts for $25 or Less

Woodpecker T-Shirt | The Portsmouth Brewery | $23 – $25

Birds and beers just look good on shirts. This woodpecker is thirsty for some of that delicious pilsner (you probably are too), so show your love for beer and wildlife and pick one up today!

Get this for your friend who wants to go on their “big year.”

Yeti Tumbler | Wander Brewing Co. | $25

Do you fear change, particularly in regards to the warming or cooling of your favorite to-go beverage? Us too. Top-notch liquid temperature stabilization from YETI and Wander Brewing will help keep your drink the temperature you want it, all year long.

Get this for the metathesiophobic.

Great Beer Gifts Under $50

Mix & Mash | Madtree Brewing | $50

Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing teamed up with the area’s most talented chefs to create a gorgeous, hardbound cookbook: “Mix & Mash: Recipes for the Table and the Glass.” The beer cookbook includes more than 25 recipes from the brewery’s favorite chefs.

Get this for the home cook or cookbook collector.

American Homebrewers Association Membership | American Homebrewers Association | $43

Sometimes giving the gift of beer can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what styles your beer-loving pal will want. But a membership to the American Homebrewers Association comes with a ton of perks from an automatic subscription to Zymurgy Magazine, member deals at pubs and homebrew stores and invites to exclusive events across the U.S. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Get this for anyone who truly loves craft beer

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect price changes and add new gifts in stock as of October 2019.

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