PHOTOS: Celebrating Women in Beer at 2019 Beer With(out) Beards Festival

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beers without beards 2019
The 2019 Beers With(out) Beards Festival took place in Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 10. (Adriana Fraser)

The 2019 Beers With(out) Beards Festival took place on August 10 in Brooklyn, New York. The festival is a celebration of women in beer.

Photographer and writer Adriana Fraser collected the photos and stories below. Her work is supported by the North American Guild of Beer Writers 2019 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant and

beers without beards 2010
Celeste Beatty, Founder of Harlem Brewing Co.

“I love seeing all of these awesome women showing what we’re capable of. Women are supporting women and that’s how it should be. The time of the woman is now.”

~Celeste Beatty, Harlem Brewing Founder

beers without beards 2019
LeAnn Darland, Co-Founder of Talea Beer Co.

“Beer knows no gender, race, sexual orientation. Women are beer makers and beer drinkers too and we have the power to change the industry. ”

~LeAnn Darland, Co-Founder Talea Beer Co.

beers without beards 2019
Rachel, a festival attendee from Harlem

“Women are breaking down barriers everywhere and the beer industry is no different. It’s time to celebrate how we’re not settling for second best anymore.”

~Rachel, an attendee from Harlem

beers without beards 2019
Kristin, an attendee from Brooklyn

“Now is the time where we should be celebrating women in all arenas. This is a male-dominated industry and it’s good to see all of these women brewing and drinking beer.”

~Kristin, an attendee from Brooklyn

beers without beards 2019
Sheryl, an attendee from the Bronx

“This is important because women need to be visible in all industries. This is no different.”

~Sheryl, an attendee from the Bronx

beers without beards 2019
Kelly, an attendee from Philadelphia

“I had no idea that there were this many women-owned breweries out there. That’s why there should be more festivals such as this so that women can find more ways of supporting other women.”

~Kelly, an attendee from Philadelphia

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