Flying Dog’s Guide to Cookies ‘n’ Craft Beer

Flying Dog’s Guide to Cookies ‘n’ Craft Beer

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing—perhaps you’ve been “encouraged” to buy a few boxes of these tasty treats at your office this year? The folks at Flying Dog Ales made the most of their unspoken obligation to help the young Girl Scouts in Fredrick, Md., by spending their Valentine’s Day pairing the cookies with craft beers.

“At my old job, there was this unspoken obligation to buy cookies from the boss, even if you were on a diet or had diabetes,” one Flying Dog employee said. “But here, there is a greater sense of purpose behind the cookies.”

The unnamed employee was referring to the brewery-wide purchase of Girl Scout cookies from Brewmaster Matt Brophy’s daughter. Voluntary or not, you can’t really argue with having the delicious seasonal cookies around this time of year, especially since they tend to go so well with craft beer.

Craft Beer + Girl Scout Cookies

Tagalongs with Gonzo Imperial Porter The one-two punch combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a knockout with Gonzo’s rich chocolate and nutty malt character.

Thin Mints with Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout (DD)* Chocolate, mint and robust coffee and chocolate malt notes created a peppermint mocha latte in your mouth.

* Denotes: Definitely Dunkable

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