Spanish Beer Makers Mahou San Miguel Acquire Stake in Avery Brewing

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Spanish company Mahou San Miguel has purchased a minority share of Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado.

According to Mahou San Miguel, the company has acquired a 30 percent stake in the brewery. If that name sounds relatively familiar, that’s because Mahou San Miguel also owns 30 percent of Michigan’s Founders Brewing.

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Avery was founded in Boulder in 1993. They recently opened a new Boulder facility. Founder Adam Avery announced the deal in a news release Tuesday morning.

“Dad and I decided 2 years ago that in order to fulfill our vision of the new brewery and all of Avery Brewing’s potential, it made a lot of sense to seek a partner,” Avery said in the release.

Avery ranked 48 out of the Top 50 craft brewers based on beer sales volume in 2016, according to data from the Brewers Association,’s parent organization. The Brewers Association defines a craft brewer as small, traditional and independent, in which less than 25 percent of a brewery is owned or controlled by a beverage alcohol industry member other than the brewery itself. Mahou San Miguel’s 30 percent acquisition is above the 25 percent limit.

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Mahou San Miguel produces over 70 percent of the Spanish beer consumed worldwide and is present in 70 countries.

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