Russian River Brewing’s Classy Response to Pliny Losing Top Spot in ‘Best Beers’ Poll

Russian River Brewing’s Classy Response to Pliny Losing Top Spot in ‘Best Beers’ Poll

Russian River Brewing just had the best response to its Pliny losing the No. 1 spot in Zymurgy’s “Best Beers in America” poll.

Pliny had an eight-year reign as the top-ranked beer in Zymurgy Magazine’s annual Best Beers in America poll. But a few weeks ago, the streak ended as Zymurgy readers voted Bell’s Two Hearted into the top spot. Pliny took second place.

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Well, you know how polls go on social media. There were the typical cries of “Fake News!” and “This list is so lame!” that usually accompany ranked lists (you can check ’em out on our Facebook post). But maybe the internet instigators should take a cue from how Russian River handled being dethroned.

Bell’s Brewing posted a photo to its Facebook account Thursday, showing a congratulatory handwritten note and a bottle of Pliny from the Russian River team.

“Congratulations! You finally knocked the ‘king’ off the throne,” the letter reads. “Please accept this case of the second place beer out of sincere respects.”

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Bell’s tells its Facebook followers it’s “Honored to be among such great company.” They also told the Russian River crew to keep an eye on the mail for a special shipment.

(PS: Team Bell’s and Team Russian River, if you’re reading this, we like special deliveries, too.)

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