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Chef Adam Duyle

Three Pairing Tips from Chef Adam Dulye

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It’s always interesting to me how different points of view affect beer and food pairings. As craft beer drinkers, we can’t help but approach pairings with preconception and bias, and it’s easy to get hung up on what we think will work or taste best.

I found this interview with Chef Adam Dulye, the culinary consultant for the Brewers Association, to be very helpful, as he offers a few quick tips to help simplify the pairing process. Dulye recently had the monumental task of creating more than 150 pairings for SAVORSM: An American Beer & Food Experience.

SAVOR will take place at the Altman Building and adjoining Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, New York, June 14-15, 2013. Tickets are still available. Visit for more information.

Three Tips for Pairing Craft Beer and Food

  • What does the beer make you want?

Instead of worrying about pairing do’s and don’ts, or what ingredients are incorporated into the dish, Chef Adam suggests to ask yourself what feelings or ideas come to you when tasting the beer.

  • Oftentimes, beers can do so much better than their stereotypical pairings.

Just because dry stouts are considered a classic pairing with oysters doesn’t mean they’re the best pairing. If I’ve learned one thing from attending SAVOR, it’s that fresh oysters pair fantastically with a far more varied selection of craft beers than just stouts.

  • Keep an open mind and try new things.

It can’t get simpler than that. When you go to a pairing event like SAVOR, cast aside any presumptions you might have about a particular beer or dish. Each pairing is an experience, and their combinations offer endless possibilities.

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