Funkwerks Launches Distribution in Kansas

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FORT COLLINS, CO— Funkwerks is proud to begin serving their neighbors to the east as they expand their distribution into Kansas this week through Crown Distribution and Central State Beverage.

This announcement comes after Funkwerks’ additions of New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, and Chicagoland to its footprint earlier this year continuing Funkwerks plans to align their distribution footprint with their partners, Brooklyn Brewery and 21st Amendment, and bringing the total count of savvy states serving Funkwerks beer to thirteen.

Draft and 6-packs offerings of Funkwerks select year-round beers— Funkwerks Saison, Tropic King, Raspberry Provincial, and White— will be available in select, craft-centric establishments in the Crown Distribution and Central State Beverage distribution footprint along with limited quantities of specialty beers including Pineapple Provincial, Saison d’Brett, and Rhuberry Provincial.

“We are looking forward to serving our funky beers to our neighboring state,” says Funkwerks Co-Founder and President, Brad Lincoln. “We’ve heard great things about the craft beer community in Kansas and we look forward to working with Crown Distribution and Central State Beverage to expand our brand throughout the state.”


July 31 – Wheel Barrel in Topeka, 5:30pm July 31 – Red Lion Tavern in Lawrence, 6pm August 1 – Barley’s Kitchen & Tap in Overland Park, 6pm


Belgian-Style Ale, 6.8% With a recipe born from backyard test batches, the Saison that sits before you today is a GABF gold-medal winning beer. Heavily reliant on flavors and aromas generated by our house yeast, this beer exemplifies the care we take in every aspect of Funwkerks’ brewing process. Go ahead and delight in the Saison’s beautiful orange hue and bright effervescence. Notes of passion fruit, tangerine, and spices. Pairs well with high fives.


Imperial Saison, 8.0% ABV Originally designed to be a hoppier version of the brewery’s flagship Saison, the accidental (but fortuitous) addition of two extra bags of Munich malt balanced the hop creating this very unique Imperial Saison. Notes of passion fruit, mango, peach, ginger and pepper. Pairs well with hula hooping.


Belgian-Style Wheat Ale with Spices, 4.8% Rooted in Belgian tradition, this refreshing wheat ale, or witbier, is our interpretation of a classic style. Its hazy pale color and creamy white head result from the ample amounts of wheat used in the recipe. The addition of raw oats contributes to a smooth mouthfeel while the Belgian yeast imparts a complex yet dry finish. Notes of orange zest and lemon with hints of spice. Pairs well with secret handshakes.


Sour Ale Brewed with Raspberries, 4.2% This delicious creation was truly a product of creativity, ingenuity, and luck. In the summer of 2013 Funkwerks took a test batch of their sessionable sour summer ale, Provincial, that didn’t quite hit gravity and decided to have some fun with it by adding a heavy dose of raspberries. The end result was so delicious,they ended up brewing it year-round. This delightfully tart fruit beer is refreshing, with a citrusy berry aroma which transitions to a subtly sweet and tart finish. Notes of lemon zest and tart raspberries.


Sour Ale Brewed with Pineapple, 4.2% Pineapple Provincial is a tart, light-bodied, tropical beer with notes of lemon zest and pineapple that give the apricot and raspberry variants of the Provincial series a run for their money.


Sour Ale Brewed with Strawberry and Rhubarb, 4.2% Combines freshly picked rhubarb with bright, juicy strawberries to create a tart, fruity, and sessionable sour ale with rhubarb and strawberry. This beer is the pie-fect libation for any season. One sip and you’ll be transported back in time to your grandma’s porch swing while aromas of cooling pie waft around you in the warm breeze. Notes of ripe strawberries and tart rhubarb. Pairs well with cheek pinches.


Great American Beer Bars

Foudre-Aged Saison Ale with Brett, 7.6% This crisp, dry, saison was aged for six months in Funkwerks’ 800-gallon oak foudre. The fruity aromas and spice flavors are derived from the brettanomyces and wild yeast previously inoculated inside the foudre. Warming flavors of ripened fruit and funky brett contribute to this beer’s bright complexity. Notes of fresh pineapple, tropical fruit, and wet hay.

Funkwerks’ beer is now available in select locations across Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, California, Nevada, Ohio, Kentucky, Chicago, New York City, New Jersey, and now Kansas.

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Founded in 2009 by brewers Gordon Schuck and Brad Lincoln, Funkwerks is a craft brewery specializing in niche-style beers made in their small brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Find the brewery online at or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.