Atlanta’s Monday Night Brewing Announces New Clone Beers

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monday night brewing clones
Atlanta's Monday Night Brewing announces a line of popular clone beers. (Monday Night Brewing)

ATLANTA, GA – Monday Night Brewing has announced an upcoming line of beer clones in an attempt to replicate the success of other craft beer pioneers. The meteoric rise in the number of craft breweries in recent years has also increased the level of innovation and competition, making it harder and harder to stand out.

Head Brewer Peter Kiley talks about Monday Night’s product development process. “It’s 2018. There are a lot of great beers out there. I mean, all the good ideas have already been taken.” Kiley says to look out for lighter clones like 421 Extra Pale Ale and Flat Tire to be on shelves soon.

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Replicating IPAs has proven to be more challenging. “They must be using a lot of hops or something. I don’t really get it,” says CEO Jeff Heck. They have been tinkering with recipes for Pliny the Middle Child and Three Hearted, though Heck expects those beers to take a few more months of development.

monday night brewing clone beers
Very Tan Lord is among Monday Night Brewing’s new clone beer releases. (Monday Night Brewing)

Copying recipes from a myriad of other breweries is no small feat. Monday Night has been peeking through the windows, quite literally, of some their favorite breweries, trying to get a glimpse of their recipes. Co-founder and CMO Jonathan Baker explains, “Yeah, I’ll spend a couple days outside some random brewery in a lawn chair with binoculars and a cooler. I figure sooner or later they’ll slip up and leave a recipe on a computer screen or something.” As of the writing of this release, Baker’s efforts thus far have been in vain.

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Kiley is particularly excited about Very Tan Lord, an imperial stout clone which he plans on releasing once a year at the brewery. “People are going to be waiting in line for this beer, even if I have to start the line myself. And if we have 3 people in line, I am only going to release 2 bottles. I really want that perceived scarcity with Very Tan Lord. Hopefully a fight will break out.” If successful, Monday Night Brewing will add other imperial stout releases, including Mexican Pastry and Hunapoo.

CEO Jeff Heck says that clones open up a whole new market for Monday Night. The brewery plans on replicating international beers as well, with releases like Cantiyawn and Chimaybe. When pressed for a comment, Heck puts it bluntly, “I’m not as interested in exploring what beer can be and how we can leave our mark on the industry. I’m interested in getting rich with as little work as possible.”

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday Night Brewing grew out of a Bible study. Founded by Jonathan Baker, Joel Iverson and Jeff Heck, Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer of country. Head Brewer Peter Kiley oversees barrel-aging and souring at their brand new facility, the Garage, in Atlanta’s Lee + White project on the southwest side of Atlanta. More details can be found here.