Love Pairing Beer and Food? Check Out the Updated Beer and Food Course

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Love Pairing Beer and Food?

Spend some time browsing and you’ll find our Educational Tools section, full of tips to help you explore the best of beer. One of our favorite resources, the Beer and Food Course, just got a big update.

The updated course gives you a chance to more deeply explore the world of beer and food pairing. If you work at a bar or restaurant, the course will help you find the right language to talk to your customers about how beer and food complement each other. If you aren’t a professional chef but you love to cook, there’s an Enthusiast version of the course that gives you the tools to create fantastic pairings.

“Whether you’re a culinary novice or an expert, this course is filled with copious amounts of information that will improve your beer and food offerings,” says Chef Adam Dulye. Dulye, a Culinary Institute of America graduate and the executive chef at the Brewers Association (publishers of co-created the course with Julia Herz, a Certified Cicerone® and the director of the Craft Beer Program at the Brewers Association (BA).

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Beer & Food CourseWhat’s New Inside the Beer & Food Course?

What’s new about this update? You’ll find expanded sections about pairing beer with charcuterie and chocolate, updated beer style info as well as more details about how to plan a beer dinner.

We’ve also added even more ways to learn. Dulye and Herz host four supplemental videos to give you an even fuller understanding of different areas the course covers.

One of the reasons we think the Beer and Food Course is so relevant is because we know more and more beer lovers are looking for beer and food options when they’re dining out.

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“According to a recent Nielsen survey, nearly half of craft drinkers say they drink beer with food ‘always’ or ‘often,’” Herz explains.

If you love beer and food pairing, we hope you’re as excited about the new material as we are. Check out all the Beer and Food Course updates here on

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