Brewery Creates Beer with Giant Cinnamon Rolls

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cinnamon roll
Credit: Timothy Vollmer/Creative Commons

Craft brewers are sure striving to satisfy America’s sweet tooth. In January, we told about the Oreo beer. During the summer, we talked about the cotton candy beer. Well, get ready to be obsessed again. A Colorado brewery is combining two of your favorite things: breakfast pastries and beer come together in Odell’s CinnsationAle cinnamon roll beer.

cinnamon roll beer
CinnsationAle beer sits on top of a row of cinnamon buns. (Credit: Silver Grill Cafe)

That’s right: a cinnamon roll beer. Brewers at the Fort Collins brewery used real cinnamon rolls during the brewing process to create the cinnamon and caramel-flavored fall seasonal.

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These cinnamon rolls aren’t the kind you pop out of a tube. They came from the Silver Grill Cafe, a Fort Collins breakfast institution famous for its giant cinnamon rolls.

2017 marks the fifth year Odell and the Silver Grill Cafe are partnering to create CinnsationAle. You can get your first taste of the cinnamon roll beer — and a giant cinnamon roll to boot — at the Breakfast in Your Beer release party Nov. 9 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the brewery.

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If you miss the release day, don’t worry. CinnsationAle will be on tap at the Silver Grill and Odell through the fall. (Well, as long as we don’t drink it all first …)

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