Seek the Seal: Show Us Your Instagram Photos of the Independent Craft Brewer Seal

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When you spot the independent craft brewer seal, take a photo and upload to instagram with the #seektheseal hashtag. (

I bet this scenario sounds familiar: You walk into a brewery, order a beer, you get the beer in your hand — and before you even take a sip of that frothy beverage you grab your smartphone to snap a photo and post it to Instagram. You have to capture the moments when that foam looks frothy, right?!


Admit it. You love posting beer pictures to Instagram. The hashtag count doesn’t lie. Look at how many times these beer-related hashtags have been used:

  • #craftbeer – 15 million
  • #drinklocal – 2.4 million
  • #brewery – 1.9 million is throwing a new beer-related hashtag in the mix for your Instagram loving pleasure: #seektheseal. Whenever you spot the new independent craft brewer seal at a brewery, at a beer bar, on a menu, under a bottle cap, on a t-shirt — wherever — snap a picture, work your filter magic, and post it to Instagram with #seektheseal among the hashtags. Our editors are on the lookout for photos featuring the seal with that hashtag so we can feature them on our page that’s all about the independent craft brewer seal.

Independent Craft Brewer Seal Packaging
Beer packaging is one place you’ll spot the seal. (Brewers Association)

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If you aren’t sure what the seal looks like, let’s get you in the loop. The independent craft brewer seal is shaped like an upside-down beer bottle, which symbolizes how U.S. craft brewers have turned the beer industry on its head worldwide.

The idea behind the seal is giving breweries a way to let you, the beer lover, know they’re an independently-owned brewery. Since the Brewers Association, publishers of, introduced the new mark in June 2017, more than 3,000 independent U.S. breweries have signed on to adopt it, essentially joining the independence movement.

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Brewing companies across the U.S. are adding it to their packaging. Check out how Night Shift in Massachusetts features it on 12-packs of its new light lager, Nite Light. You’ll also see the seal on the side of can and bottle labels, like this photo from Colorado’s Wibby Brewing. Sometimes you’ll even spot it on shirts and buttons, like this slick tee from Hangar 24 in California.

So the next time you see the seal, grab your smartphone and work your magic on Instagram. We know you can’t resist sharing your brewery photos with the world.

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