Travel Website Ranks Best Value Cities for Biking and Beer Lovers

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Biking and Beer
Travel website Trivago lists best value cities for biking and beer. (Credit: Flickr/E.M. Crawford)

Just before the new year, SmartAsset, a financial website, published the Best Cities for Beer Drinkers – 2016, a list that riled up a lot beer fans because beloved cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and San Diego, California, didn’t make the cut.

This week, at least some of those offended beer fans can reclaim victory, as Michigan’s beer mecca lands on a new list. Travel company Trivago released its Top 50 Best Value Destinations 2017, and on it, include the Top 5 Best Value Cities for Craft Beer and Cycling.

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The list of best cities for biking and beer lovers was created by an algorithm which considered factors including hotel prices, guest reviews and spots that are “easy on the wallet,” Trivago says.

Lincoln, Nebraska, took the No. 1 spot on the list due to its 164-mile trail system and its N Street Cycle Track that runs through downtown. Along that track, you’ll find about a dozen small and independent breweries and brewpubs, including Boiler Brewing Co. and Ploughshare Brewing Co.

Here’s a look at the other cities that the website ranked best for biking and beer:

  1. Lincoln, Nebraska
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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As beer geeks who travel, we know there are more great cities where cycling and beer culture collide (and probably some cities that are a lot more temperate year round). Share your favorites with us in the comments. And if your next trip takes you through one of these cities, hop on the Brewery Finder to locate the small and independent craft brewers closest to you.

Happy trails and beer to you, no matter how you travel. Cheers!

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