Course: Appetizer
Beer Style: Porter

Second Self Beer Co.’s Molechelada

Crafted to be enjoyed throughout fall and winter, Molé Porter is inspired by Co-founder Jason Santamaria’s family recipe of Oaxacan molé sauce.


  • 1 bar spoon full of chili powder salt mixture (2 parts chili powder, 1 part salt)
  • ¼ oz fresh lime juice
  • Dash Creole Bitters (1/2 vile)
  • 6-8 dashes hot sauce
  • Second Self's Molé Porter

  • Directions

      1. Fill a small cocktail shaker halfway with ice.
      2. Add rest of the ingredients into the shaker.
      3. Shake and pour into a pint glass.
      4. Top off with Second Self’s Molé Porter and garnish with a lime wedge.

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