Dock Street Debuts Nino’s Prickly Pears

Dock Street Invites You on a Sip to a Land, Far Far Away Wednesday, December 19th starting 4pm

For this holiday season, Dock Street created a new beer to celebrate the different cultures and longstanding traditions in America. Nino’s Prickly Pears goes on tap at Dock Street Brewery on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012.

To draw inspiration for Nino’s Prickly Pears, Rosemarie Certo need only look back on a recent trip to the enchanting world of Sicily where she was born. Sicily is a land whose vegetation is as remarkably diverse as its people and its narrative- grapes, figs, olives, lemon and orange trees, peaches, cherries, tomatoes, pistachios, artichokes, and of course fichi d’india (figs from India or prickly pears).  Nino’s Prickly Pears is a blending of old world and the new world of American craft beer. It is a synthesis of the cultures that embody the American Mystique which is to take our heritage, meld it with our current way of life and create something wonderful!

The backbone to Nino’s Prickly Pears is a spin on the biere de garde style, a signature of Brewer Scott Morrison. This ale is brewed with fresh prickly pears in the mash and brightened with 420 lbs of prickly pear puree. The vibrant ruby appearance and delicately sweet aroma are a great introduction to the beer. The taste presents notes of kiwi, raspberry and bubblegum. Through its delicate flavor, Nino’s Prickly Pears contrasts and encapsulates the Sicilian ethos. Nino’s Prickly Pears is an escape from winter, it evokes Sicily’s semitropical climate and its scorching sun. Join us for an escape!

Nino’s Prickly Pears is on tap at Dock Street Brewery on Wednesday, December 19th starting at 4pm!The kitchen is creating a ‘Feast of the Fish’ dish and bartenders are mixing a Prickly Pear beer cocktail. Nino’s Prickly Pears will also on tap at select bars throughout the city.

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